The Donuts are Back!

wheatsville-food-coopEvery Saturday, my partner and I visit Wheatsville Co-op on South Lamar for our weekly breakfast tacos. When the mood would strike, we would also have a delicious donut made by Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery. When Red Rabbit announced their closing last August, we were so sad.

Today, Wheatsville announced that they have bought Red Rabbit’s equipment, recipes, and leftover ingredients, and they have employed several former Red Rabbit donut makers. They are about to build their own donut dynasty!


My favorite Red Rabbit donut was the Austin Cream Pie, which reversed traditional Boston Cream Pie flavors to feature a vanilla icing with a chocolate filling. Unfortunately, it was not on the list of returning flavors. Until then, I’ll console myself with glazed, chocolate iced, maple pecan and apple fritter flavors, or maybe a couple of bite-sized donut holes.

The vegan donuts, now a Wheatsville Food Co-op brand, will be available for purchase at Wheatsville Food Co-op starting this weekend. Guess what I’m having for breakfast on Saturday!

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