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Name Chocolate Special Ingredients
Base Recipe semisweet chocolate
Bourbon Fudge white chocolate bourbon
Red Hot Fudge dark chocolate cinnamon, cayenne pepper
Beer Fudge dark chocolate beer
Peanut Butter Fudge n/a peanut butter chips
Maple Fudge with Mesquite-Smoked Pecans white chocolate mesquite-smoked pecans, maple syrup
Espresso Fudge dark chocolate espresso powder
Latte Fudge white chocolate espresso powder
Strawberry Cream Fudge white chocolate strawberry syrup
Creme de Menthe Fudge white chocolate peppermint flavor
Praline Fudge white chocolate brown sugar
Malted-Milk Fudge milk chocolate malted milk
Candy Cane Fudge dark chocolate candy cane pieces
Gingersnap Fudge white chocolate ginger, molasses
Chocolate Orange Fudge dark chocolate orange zest, orange juice

NOTE: Dark and semisweet chocolate are interchangeable, for the most part. Use whichever you like best. If I think a particular recipe does better with one over the other, I will note it in the description of that recipe. Also, in recipes that use white chocolate, always use real white chocolate, not white baking chips, for best results.

Other Recipes

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Bourbon Balls confections
Lemon Bombs confections
Chili savory
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