I love fudge. I love taking photographs. I love the color purple. I don’t know the meaning of life, but I’m willing to discuss it.


I love puns. I love dry wit. I love corny jokes. I love stand-up comedy. I’ve always said that the day my sense of humor abandons me is the day I die.

I’m not a professional cook, nor am I a professional photographer. I am a professional writer, but I reserve the right to make as many grammar and spelling mistakes as I want.

My helpers include my spouse of many years, plus our dog and two cats. Only my spouse is actually helpful. The others try, but having no opposable thumbs can be a problem sometimes. Or a blessing. Usually a blessing.

In the time we have been together, we’ve lost four cats and three dogs, two moms, one dad, and one brother. We have also had one brain surgery, one gamma knife radiation, two total knee replacements, two foot surgeries, three hand surgeries, one menopause, and one complete hysterectomy. One of us was told to put her affairs in order. Fortunately, the affair-ordering order was extremely premature and everything is fine.